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Do you "Aaaah"?


That's the goal for every home... it's how you can and should  feel every time you're there. An alternate sentiment is, "There's no place like home," a la Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  Your home should greet you like a warm, welcoming hug, and you should feel deeply content and at ease while spending time there. Afterward, you should set out from your home with a spring in your step and a "full tank" of positive emotions for your journey ahead.


If you don't feel those sentiments regularly, you'll benefit from the services of Bliss This Home. I'll work with you to create a home that enhances your happiness, pleasure, relaxation, motivation, and well-being. Some other indicators are listed belowdo any of the following ring true for you?

"Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest."


~ Robert Montgomery


  • If your home decor just doesn't seem to fit your style or match your personality, Bliss This Home can help you be true to yourself... in fact, celebrate who you are!


  • If you have spaces in your home where nobody wants to spend time, Bliss This Home can help revive them.


  • If your overall stress does not diminish while you're at home, Bliss This Home can increase your relaxation for some essential relief. Or if your home is a source of stress in your life, please contact Bliss This Home right awaythat's no way to live!


  • If you're troubled at home because of clutter or disorganization or maybe messy reminders of to-do tasks and unfinished business, Bliss This Home can tame the visual confusion and create some systems for you. Similarly, if you spend too much time looking for things at homeoften not finding themBliss This Home can help alleviate your frustrations and prevent the recurring "hiccups" that slow you down over and over.


  • If you regularly struggle getting things done at homewhether productivity in your office or efficiency in the kitchen... maybe you don't even get a good night's sleep in your bedroomBliss This Home can help to diagnose any environmental issues that may be holding you back and assist toward alleviating those challenges.


  • If colors, lighting, or objects in your home leave you droopy, frustrated, sad, angry, bored, or any other negative emotion, Bliss This Home can remedy that pronto.


  • If you can't seem to find space to put things away ("a place for everything and everything in its place"), Bliss This Home can help you assess your stuff, prioritize items, possibly pare down... with a focus on what's most useful, beautiful, joyful, and meaningful for you.

  • ​If you don't look around each room of your home and smile with warm feelings from objects and memories you love and inspirational reminders moving you toward your dreams, Bliss This Home can infuse positivity boosters throughout your spaces.


  • If you'd love to love your home but just don't have the time or know-how to achieve the look and feel you want, Bliss This Home is ready, willing, and able to customize a warm, comfortable, deeply satisfying haven for you.

Home Sweet Home doormat from Cost Plus World Market
  • Even if you sort of like your home and have some ideas for enhancement but just can't seem to pull it together quite right, there's no shame in getting some help... and certainly Bliss This Home can assist with your vision.


  • If you're tending to other areas of your well-being (such as your health, diet/nutrition, exercise, career, relationships, education, and spirituality) yet somehow your home has not been a priority thus far, Bliss This Home can help you to enhance your life even more... and you're worth it!

doormat sold by Cost Plus World Market;

On a deeper, more abstract level...

A lot has been written about how a home is a reflection of the people living therehow personal surroundings mirror our thoughts, values, and behaviors. Consider scenarios such as a tidy kitchen complete with every appliance a chef could want and an open cookbook at the ready, a comfortable sitting area surrounded by shelves of books, a

messy and mismatched "bachelor pad," a closet displaying rows of shoes and handbags in color order, a wall of

family photos, a bedroom with deep red walls... each expresses something about the people living there.


Your home tells a story, to yourself (daily) and to otherswith environmental factors and messages often being subconscious yet influential, for better or worse. Take a moment to look around and think about what your home says about you, what it's reflecting about you. More importantly: What do you want it to say?

   “Your home is telling (and writing) your

   life story, so make sure it’s the story

   you want to live.”


 ~ Laura and Alison Forbes

“Change Your Home; Transform Your Life”

The mirror analogy is helpful to some extent, yet beyond reflecting your past and present, your home can also project a portrait of the person you want to be and the life you want to live... where you can reveal and declare your vision for the future. Using another analogythat of a canvas rather than a mirrorat home you hold the paintbrush to a masterpiece in progress, your ideal life!  

your home is a canvas for your life masterpiece!

Your home is a setting where you can express the best parts of your life: past, present, and future.  And you can bring about positive thoughts and emotions therecelebrate who you are, enjoy people/activities/ objects you love, reflect on what matters most to you and how to incorporate more of that into your life, fortify your Best Self before you set foot in the world each day, and "come home to yourself" upon each return. It's the only environment you can set up exactly for your needs and goals... and, of course, it's your Home Base day in and day out. 

A final analogy as you assess your surroundings:  Similar to how we feed our bodies for nourishment and (hopefully) optimal functioning, you can feed your soul with happiness and well-being at home that will ripple throughout your life.  Do you strive to perform at your best and want to flourish overall?  Great!  So is your home helping with that?  If not, let's talk and give things a boost.  


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Bliss This Home extends the following well wishes for you, a lovely sentiment from Mary Anne Radmacher:

Mary Anne Radmacher: "May your walls know joy..."
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Jane Austen "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort"
Bliss This Home - upifting interiors for happier lives


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