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In my small one-bedroom apartment,

I needed help organizing my large wardrobe (clothes,

 shoes, scarves, hats, jewelry, purses) and storing lots and lots

 of books in a compact library-office area. Tracy listened and understood my needs, assessed my space, suggested solutions, andin a series

of visits—reconfigured existing bookcases, assembled additional storage, hung shelves and peg racks, and created/improved systems for my valued collections. She's a great problem solver. Now, putting outfits together

is a pleasure and finding any book I want is a snap. She also helped 

    to repair some broken furniture that had been frustrating me 

             and hung artwork that makes me smile.  Thanks, Tracy!


                               ~ C.T. of Malden, MA


How exciting that Tracy is providing

"home therapy" to help others with

well-being and positivity... Why not have

as much as possible working in our favor? 

As a photographer and author, I've learned

the value of having inspiring surroundings

important for my happiness and comfort, organization and productivity. For anyone sensing something's missing from your personal patch or if you've got the blah's there, Bliss This Home is a very thoughtful home improvement system—from diagnosis to solution—that can work wonders!        

                                        ~ Robert Fisher, NYC

        I'm incredibly impressed with Bliss This Home

Tracy is full of good ideas (customized), thorough 

with cost and schedule estimates, careful and

reliablethe whole package. She helped us with

new layouts for 2 bedrooms (my teenage daughter

is thrilled with her new look), started clean-up of 

my home office (which is prompting me to get more

organized), prominently displayed artwork and 

   objects we love, suggested products for storage/  decor/comfort, assembled new furniture pieces,

organized closets and bookshelves... even helped

me donate excess items and cleaned eyesore

spots from our carpet. I'm feeling less stressed

at home, and we're enjoying our spaces 

more—definitely a happier home for us.


                       ~ Dr. O. of Brookline, MA

             It was my pleasure to meet

         Tracy in a comprehensive 11-month

     certificate program in Positive Psychology, 

   where we studied and practiced research-based

  strategies to enhance happiness and optimal living.

 How wonderful that Tracy has merged her design

skills with her passion for Positive and Environmental

 Psychology. The synergy equips her to brighten

    people's homes and lives.


                                      ~ Michele Tamaren

                      author, presenter, life coach,

                                   and spiritual director



         Tracy has assisted me with many

          home improvement projects, the

   most spectacular being when she helped

     to spruce up my tiny kitchen with new 

  checkerboard flooring, fresh white paint

 covering the worn brown cabinets, and red accents pulled from my color scheme in other rooms. Overall the room became much more

    "me" and lifted my spirits. Tracy works

       meticulously and has high quality

     standardsI recommend her services 

        for home projects large and small.


                   ~ K.D. of Boston, MA

                    I was feeling guilty that 20 years of

             precious photos were piled randomly inside

             a closet; I didn't know where to even begin.

            Tracy cheerfully encouraged me to take one

         small step after another towards organization

          and to celebrate progress rather than beat 

   myself up. Now I can find what I'm looking for

to create scrapbooks since everything is arranged in labeled boxes and displayed systematically. Tracy 

also helped me rearrange my desk area for increased  

    productivity and inspiration, sort out a mess of  

 tangled electric cords from various entertainment 

             systems, and tidy my accumulation of

            wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift bags.

              Tackling just a few frustrations at

               home made me feel a lot lighter!


                   ~ Martha of Natick, MA


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"I'll have what they're having"

Such great words from Victoria Moran, author of Shelter for the Spirit:

"On this amazing blue ball, you have a place to be. You have somewhere to stretch out your body and your mind, rearrange your furniture or rearrange your thoughts, learn to get along with the most important people in your world, and get to know yourself intimately. In the enormity of space and time that culminates in here and now, being in such a place is truly remarkable."

Bliss This Home - upifting interiors for happier lives
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